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Access Cards

Our Access Cards are your window to a quick overview of our product range. They guide you, ensuring you know what’s in store before committing to a policy. Save time, save money, and avoid unnecessary purchases. We recognize the hesitations surrounding the AI industry, and that’s why we’ve crafted this unique buying approach. Our mission? Elevate every individual’s lifestyle. 

Our ChatGPT Prompts Packages (CPPs) are concise, ready-to-implement AI strategies for AI-driven roles, projects, and careers, all designed to help you tap into passive income streams. Before diving deep into our policy passes, we strongly recommend grabbing our handbook. If you haven’t got it yet, purchase here for $5.

Access cards are free from binding terms, offering you a hassle-free glimpse. However, they serve as a valuable preview of the license agreements and purchase policies found in our policy pass. As always, when engaging with our products, it’s essential to agree to our terms and conditions. Ensure you familiarize yourself with them before any purchase.

Where Can I Find the Access Card?

Head over to our CPP showroom and browse through our diverse product offerings. Within each CPP, you’ll notice two distinct purchase options: one to get a glimpse through the access card, which serves as a valuable insight into the license agreements and purchase policies you’ll encounter in the policy pass. The other option is to unlock the license agreement through the associated policy pass. After reading and accepting the license agreement, you can proceed to purchase the product directly through the exclusive purchase gateway found in the policy pass

Access Cards Overview

Simplified Exploration:

Streamline your AI journey, saving you both time and money.

Detailed Insights:

The access card further details what you can expect from the policy pass.


Access cards are $5 each.

Comprehensive Information:

Multiple CPPs within a specific domain may utilize the same access card. 

This card provides comprehensive insights into the policy pass, not the individual products. 

Always check the information on each product page to avoid purchasing duplicate access cards.

The Four Essential Steps to Enhance Your AI Experience with CPPs

Secure with a Policy Pass

Purchase with ease